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About Us

FederalDaily.com is published by 1105 Media, Inc., a leading provider of books, newsletters, and other information services to employees of the federal government and the U.S. Postal Service. We also publish:

Our books include titles on retirement, pay and benefits, and career management.

A Note On Our History, Our Vision, and Our Mission

Over the past half-century we have published and sold more than six million copies of the Federal Employees Almanac to America’s civil servants, helping them navigate an increasingly complex maze of federal protocols, regulations and opportunities. The volume’s success continues to demand consistent, reliable news reporting to help federal workers understand government regulations, recognize their rights and obligations, keep abreast of the major and minor changes affecting their jobs and get all the benefits due them.

The first Almanac was lean at 62 pages, nearly half of which were pay tables for the General Schedule, Wage Board and Postal and Rural Carriers. The current edition reflects not only routine changes to pay and benefits earned by federal workers, but also a plethora of regulations and major transformations affecting the United States and the federal workers who support it. This volume weighs in at almost 500 pages.

The past half-century has seen periods of near paralysis and rapid change. Lately, quick change has been the order of the day for our country, for our government and for our federal work force. The writers and publishers of Federal Employees News Digest, the Federal Employees Almanac and FederalDaily.com strive to keep you, our customers, up to date and fully informed on the events and actions that matter to you. We are grateful to you, our readers, for your continued patronage. We welcome your suggestions on how we can continue to serve you better, how we can remain the premier source of federal news for federal workers. We thank you for your business and will continue to do all we can to merit the trust the federal employee puts in us and in our products.

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