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With 1.9 million civilian workers (including DOD civilians) and 1.4 million uniformed personnel, the federal government is the largest single employer in the United States (Source: WhiteHouse 2008 budget numbers and OSD).

Every day, federal employees struggle with critical workplace issues. They find themselves seeking help to navigate through their rights and the legal issues surrounding:

  • Disputes about compensation and workplace conditions
  • Confusion regarding whistleblower rights
  • Preservation of employee benefits
  • Wrongful termination and other disciplinary issues
  • Section 508 consultations/assistance


In addition, some federal employees face court appearances and/or administrative review panels. Without competent consultation and representation, these situations can seem daunting. Federal employees need a reliable resource to help them locate capable attorneys with extensive knowledge of federal regulations and laws. They seek assistance from experts that understand the intricacies of working with federal agencies. They need advice and help from someone that can answer their questions and defend their claims.

The publishers of Federal Employees News Digest, FederalDaily.com and the Federal Employees Almanac understand the distinct needs and concerns of today’s federal workforce. That’s why FEND has added the Legal Services Directory to their extensive portfolio of federal employee references.

The Legal Services Directory will be promoted to Federal Employees News Digest's large audience of hundreds of thousands of federal employees nationwide through:

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Justice Scale    
  » Search for Legal Service
  » Add your listing to this online directory ($250)*
  » Add your listing to the 2010 Federal Employees Almanac ($125)*
  *Special discounts are available for multiple listings
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